Court-Ordered Services

If you need addiction and domestic violence therapy services in the Casper, WY area, visit us at Winds of Change Therapy. We have the expert and reliable areas practice you need for court-ordered treatment. Winds of Change is a state certified provider of Addiction Severity Index (ASI) and Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI) for all Natrona County courts including district, circuit, and municipal courts. ASI and DVI assessment services available at Natrona County Detention Center upon request.

Winds of Change is a state certified provider of Level 1, low and medium intensity substance use treatment to fulfill conditions of probation. We offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate busy work and school schedules. Services offered include treatment for adults and adolescents. We offer areas of practice to fulfill requirements of probation for any court in the state of Wyoming. if you have any further questions about the services we provide or if we’re able to cover what you need, you can contact us.

We offer Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI) assessments for men and women. We also offer all levels of Batterer’s Intervention Group for women to fulfill conditions of court probation and Department of Family Services requirements. 

Please call Doris Lowe at 307-262-0908 to schedule your court-ordered assessment or services.




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Medicaid & Most Insurance Plans
(Including Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Cigna)

Self-pay patients receive a 1-hour session for $50

Discounts can be negotiated at the time of the first appointment