Attention: Lawyers of Natrona County and state of Wyoming

  • Do you have clients who are faced with having to have a substance abuse or other mental health evaluation required by the legal system?
  • Who are in turmoil and overwhelmed by legal Issues?
  • You are able help them legally but you may not have the time or expertise to help them deal with the stress and emotional impact of their legal concerns.
Drinking and Driving

Doris Lowe at Winds of Change Therapy is here to work in partnership with you to deal with their needs. Call us directly at 307-234-7419.

Her areas of service include:

  • Alcohol or drug related offenses
  • Divorce/custody issues
  • Bankruptcy
  • A child in legal trouble
  • Unfair loss of employment
  • Disability or a child with special needs
  • Professional license or certification threatened

Background and expertise:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Certified to do court ordered ASI’s, Level I treatment
  • Expertise working with couples and families
  • Expertise with mediation and negotiations (chief negotiator for Teachers of Natrona County Education Association)

Business Address

123 W 1st St, Suite 208A
Casper Business Center
Casper, WY 82601

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

Participating Provider For

Medicaid & Most Insurance Plans
(Including Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Cigna)

Self-pay patients receive a 1-hour session for $50

Discounts can be negotiated at the time of the first appointment